A group of three chat at the Alumni Association Awards Dinner
Law School Alumni Association
Recent Alumni Notes

The University of Connecticut Law School Alumni Association cultivates the spirit of community and pride among those who have attended the law school and contributes to the advancement of the law school and the legal profession. Everyone who has attended UConn School of Law automatically is a member of The University of Connecticut Law School Alumni Association.

Richard J. Twilley
President Richard J. Twilley '04

Richard Twilley is a partner with Athorus, PLLC. His practice focuses primarily on the development and the defense of clients’ intellectual property patent portfolios. Additionally, he has litigated intellectual property disputes in many jurisdictions across the United States.

President's Message: Your Association and its Board of Directors are working in concert with the School of Law and the UConn Foundation, Inc., to host an exciting slate of events in Connecticut and across the United States in the coming year, concluding with our Reunion and our Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner.

We encourage you to remain engaged with UConn by visiting this website, where you can learn more about upcoming events and the many successes of our fellow alumni. We also hope that you will consider making a donation to the Foundation for the benefit of the law school and our students, returning to campus for an event or a visit, and following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our alma mater’s success depends on you. We thank you for your support!

Cecil J. Thomas
President-Elect: Cecil J. Thomas ‘06

Cecil J. Thomas is a staff attorney with Greater Hartford Legal Aid. He practices predominantly in housing matters and his experiences have included state and federal class action lawsuits, as well as appellate litigation. He has been a director since 2010.

Tara L. Trifon
Vice President: Tara L. Trifon ‘09

Tara Trifon is a partner at Locke Lord LLP. She regularly represents corporate and financial services clients in a wide variety of complex disputes at all levels of the state and federal court systems throughout the Northeast.

Christina Gianopulos
Treasurer: Christiana Gianopulos '94

Christiana "Tiana" Gianopulos is a partner with Day Pitney LLP in Hartford. She practices extensively in the areas of estate and tax planning, contested probate matters and the representation of individual and professional fiduciaries. She has been a director since 2015.

Joseph MacDougald
Secretary: Joseph MacDougald '96

Joseph A. MacDougald is professor-in-residence, Strasser fellow, executive director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Law, director of the LLM in Energy & Environmental Law and faculty advisor to the Energy & Environmental Law Society at UConn School of Law.

Christine Jean-Louis
Past President: Christine Jean-Louis '08

Christine Jean-Louis is an assistant attorney general in the Transportation Department of the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General. She was previously an associate in Wiggin and Dana's Litigation Department. She has been a director since 2012.


Michael Camilleri ’00
P.J. Cimini ’95
Michelle Smith Cotto ’10
David S. Hardy '99
Robert C. Hinton ‘95
Nisha Kapur ’14
Kate MacLeman ’12
Linda Morkan ’87
Neil F. Murphy ‘70
Jillian R. Orticelli '10
Vincent P. Pace ’98, LLM ’09
Olga Peacock LLM ’98
James M. Ruel ’99
Daniel T. Saltus ’08
Lindsay A. Sheehy ’02
Alexandra B. Stevens ’98
Mony Yin ’97
Joseph C. Zemetis ‘80


2017-18 Board of Directors

Christine Jean-Louis ‘08

Richard J. Twilley ’04

Cecil J. Thomas ’06

Jean E. Tomasco ‘91

Christiana Gianopulos ’94

Past President
David S. Hardy ‘99

P.J. Cimini ’95
Barbara J. Collins ’78
Michelle Smith Cotto ’10
Robert C. Hinton ‘95
Nisha Kapur ’14
Jeffrey C. Kestenband ’97
Joseph A. MacDougald ‘96
Kate MacLeman ’12
Neil F. Murphy ‘70
Jillian R. Orticelli '10
Vincent P. Pace ’98, LLM ’09
James M. Ruel ’99
Daniel T. Saltus ’08
Lindsay A. Sheehy ’02
Alexandra B. Stevens ’98
Tara L. Trifon ‘09
Joseph C. Zemetis ‘80


Past Presidents
1932  J. Agnes Burns ’24
1934  Charles E. McCarthy ’32
1935  Joseph M. Cunningham ’33
1936  Robert J. Peyton ’32
1938  Morris Apter ’37
1939  Thomas F. Shea ’38
1941  Thomas J. Hagarty ’39
1942  Fannie Himmelstein ’39
1959  Emilio Q. Daddario ’42
1960  Douglass B. Wright ’37
1960  Douglass B. Wright ’37
1961  John J. McGuiness, Jr. ’50
1962  Walter M. Pickett, Jr. ’52
1963  Arthur W. Feinstein ’43
1964  Carmine R. Lavieri ’48
1965  Thomas C. McKone ’49
1966  Anthony V. DeMayo ’51
1967  William R. Moller ’49
1968  James J. Kennelly ’59
1969  Robert C. Leuba ’60
1969  Robert C. Leuba ’60
1970  Milton Sorokin ’50
1971  William B. Rush ’59
1972  Myron Friedman ’51
1973  John E. Fay ’62
1974  George F. Sherwood ’66
1975  Hugh F. Keefe ’67
1976  Richard A. Sugarmann ’62
1977  Dorrance Sexton, Jr. ’68
1978  William P. Murray ’67
1979  Edward Maum Sheehy ’67
1980  Joseph C. Lee ’67
1981  Sandra P. Gersten ’60
1982  David W. Collins ’58


1983  Thomas B. Wilson ’67
1984  Frederick M. Tobin ’64
1985  Fred A. Hitt ’58
1986  George E. O’Brien, Jr. ’75
1987  Angelo L. dos Santos ’73
1988  Lisa B. Bingham ’79
1989  James D. Bartolini ’75
1990  James T. Shearin ’86
1991  Hyacinth V. Douglas-Bailey ’86
1992  Debra C. Ruel ’84
1993  James Wu ’75
1994  John W. Hamlin ’88
1995  Mark A. Milano ’85
1996  Kevin J. Hecht ’85
1997  Gregory M. Harris ’76
1998  Thomas J. Welch ’90
1999  James F. Sullivan ’92
2000  Janis C. Jerman ’93
2001  Joseph C. Zemetis ’80
2002  S. Dave Vatti ’92
2003  Neil F. Murphy, Jr. ’70
2004  Karen T. Staib ’98
2005  Rowena A. Moffett ’97
2006  Jose A. Suarez ’93
2007  James Sicilian ’81
2008  Barbara J. Collins ’78
2009  Matthew R. Peterson ’98
2010  Mimi L. Lines ’80
2011  Alexandra B. Stevens ’98
2012  Matthew D. Gordon '87
2013  Hon. Ingrid L. Moll '99
2014  Jeffrey C. Kestenband '97
2015  Vincent P. Pace '98, LLM '09
2016  David S. Hardy ‘99
2017  Christine Jean-Louis '08