What to Expect After You Apply

Now that you have submitted your application to UConn Law, we look forward to reviewing it and contacting you with any questions. More information is below pertaining to what you can expect. 

1. Admission
  • An admission interview will be conducted by Skype or in person.
  • Admission decisions are typically made in 2 weeks.
  • Admitted students must fill out the notice of intention (which will be sent along with the acceptance letter) and submit the seat deposit of $500 by mailed check or wire transfer.
2. Acceptance
  • Once we receive the seat deposit, the admitted student will be notified promptly of next steps. The student will receive periodic emails pertaining to relevant pre-arrival responsibilities and tasks.
  • International students will need to complete a visa application through the University of Connecticut International Student & Scholar Services office. Once this has been done and the application is processed, the student will receive by mail the documents needed to apply for a J-1/F-1 visa.
3. Ordering Transcripts for a Bar Exam
  • Before leaving their home countries, international students may want to request that original transcripts be sent to the bar exam of their choice (See #12, below.)
4. Immunization Requirements
  • Enrolling students will be required to provide proof of adequate immunization against
    • measles, mumps and rubella
    • varicella (chickenpox) for students born after January 1, 1980
  • Students who cannot show proof of immunization must be vaccinated before starting the LLM program. Please note that some vaccinations require a specific amount of time between shots. Find more information in the Student Portal.
5. Next Steps
  • International students:
    • Gather documentation for visa application with financial proof, such as a bank statement, showing the ability to meet the cost of attendance for the program.
    • Schedule an interview for a student visa.
  • All students:
    • Review the courses UConn Law will offer for your term and make a list of courses that meet your interests.
6. Housing
  • The international student adviser will contact students before arrival for more information on finding a place to live.
7. Arriving
  • Orientation starts a week before the beginning of classes. Students are advised to arrive at least a few days before the orientation week.
  • Those arriving in January should be aware of Connecticut weather and bring suitable clothing.
8. Practical training options
  • The LLM+ program allows students seeking an LLM degree to broaden their experience and opportunities by adding a semester of practical training through a full-time field placement in Washington, D.C., during the spring semester, or in New York City or elsewhere inside or outside the United States during the spring or fall semester. For more information, visit the LLM+ web page.
  • Optional Practical Training is a benefit for those students holding an F-1 visa to gain practical work experience in a position directly related to their field of study after the program. Please take a time to review all the information about it on the university's International Student & Scholar Services website.
  • Curricular Practical Training is available only prior to the completion of the LLM degree program, during the second or final semester, for students who have a job offer at the time of application. For more information, please see the university's International Student & Scholar Services website.
9. Eligibility for an American bar examination
  • Students may attend the required courses for the bar examination during the LLM program.
  • Students who intend to take an American bar examination are strongly advised to review the Foreign Legal Education section of the New York Board of Law Examiners website before leaving for the United States. The deadline for the “advance evaluation of eligibility” process, which involves the submission of legal education and professional experience documents, is nine months prior to the exam.
  • For more information on the bar examination for foreign lawyers visit the UConn Law student portal.
10. LLM to JD Transfer
  • LLM graduates may be eligible to transfer to the JD program.
  • Students interested in this option should review the transfer requirements so that they can plan the appropriate course of study.