Exchange to LL.M. Program

If you attended UConn Law as an exchange student, you may be eligible to use credits earned on exchange toward an LL.M degree.

Under the UConn Exchange to LLM Transfer Program, up to 12 credits earned while studying as an exchange student may be approved for transfer toward an LLM degree. For qualifying students, this program will save both time and money while adding to the student’s credentials.


International exchange students from UConn Law’s partner institutions who attended UConn Law within five (5) years prior to the date of application may be eligible for the Exchange to LL.M. transfer program.

Student must first apply and be accepted to the LL.M. program in U.S. Legal Studies. As part of the admissions process, a determination will be made as to how many credits will transfer into the LL.M program up to a maximum of twelve credits.

At the time of matriculation in the LL.M program in U.S. Legal Studies, applicants must have completed their first degree.

To begin the process for the Exchange to LL.M. transfer program, click here to apply to the LL.M. program in U.S. Legal Studies.

Transfer of Credit

A maximum of 12 credits earned through exchange programs at UConn Law may be eligible for transfer to the U.S. Legal Studies LL.M. program. 

Transfer credits must meet the following requirements:

  1. Credit was earned for a minimum grade of B (3.0);
  2. Credit was earned for classes taken at UConn Law;
  3. Credit was graded (pass/fail and ungraded coursework is not eligible); and
  4. Credit awarded for a two-semester course must have been awarded for both semesters (students attending only one-semester of a two-semester course will not be able to transfer that credit).

Former international exchange students who are accepted into the LL.M. program through the Exchange to LL.M. transfer program are not eligible for the "LL.M. to J.D. transfer program". Exchange students interested in the J.D. program must apply to the J.D. program directly.

Degree Requirements

Former exchange students accepted into the LL.M program in U.S. Legal Studies through the “Exchange to LL.M Transfer Program” must fulfill the degree requirements of the LL.M.  For more information on those requirements, please check HERE.

Bar Eligibility

Entering students are required to ascertain on their own whether an LL.M. earned through the Exchange to LL.M. Transfer Program qualifies them to sit for the bar exam in any US jurisdiction.  It is our understanding that as of October 2013, the New York Court of Appeals had determined students cannot use transfer credits initially earned while on exchange toward an LL.M. degree to qualify them to sit for the New York Bar. However, other jurisdictions may not have this rule. For example, students in the Exchange to LLM transfer program would still be eligible to sit for the Massachusetts Bar Exam so long as the applicant completed the necessary requirements for international lawyers set by the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners. If you are interested in enrolling in this program and taking advantage of the cost-savings that exist as a result of the transfer of credits, you should research any appropriate bar requirements, as necessary, prior to applying.