Advanced Standing Opportunities

Students attending UConn School of Law find significant value in completing multiple programs. Former exchange students often choose to return to build on their exchange experience and receive an LLM. Similarly, many students choose to combine a JD with an LLM degree or vice versa. UConn School of Law recognizes the importance of these combined opportunities and has created admissions criteria and processes that are uniquely related to each of these opportunities.

LLM to JD Transfer

LLM students who obtain a 3.0 grade point average may apply to the JD program without having to take the LSAT, and if accepted, can transfer most of their LLM credits to their JD program.Read more about the LLM to JD Transfer program »

JD to LLM Advanced Standing

UConn Law JD graduates may apply to an LLM program and transfer up to 12 qualified credits of applicable coursework toward the 24-credit LLM degree. Read more about the JD to LLM Advanced Standing program »

Exchange to LLM Advanced Standing

The Exchange to LLM Program allows past exchange students who attended UConn Law to apply for an LLM degree upon the completion of their first degree in law and transfer qualified credits toward the 24-credit LLM degree. Read more about the Exchange to LLM Advanced Standing program »