Winter Term at UConn Law, January 2, 2014 through January 17, 2014
Registration - Winter Term 2014

NOTICE: This Winter Term page provides information for Winter Term 2014 and has been replaced with the Winter Term 2015 section accessible from the left menu.

Register Today!

Students may register for Winter Term classes by filling out this online enrollment form.

Please complete the enrollment request form which will be automatically forwarded to the Law School registrar's office. If seats are available in the course, the enrollment request will be processed. In limited enrollment courses, seats will be granted to current UConn Law students first, then open to general enrollment. Submission of this form constitutes a request for enrollment which, if granted, obligates the student to pay all associated fees. Students are required to formally withdraw from these courses in a timely manner to avoid liability for these fees.

Selected Academic Regulations Guidelines
  • Students may enroll in up to two credits during the winter term.
  • Courses may be added provided that no more than one class meeting (or in the case of online courses, no more than one day into the start of the term) has been missed.
  • Courses may be dropped with no permission required prior to the start of classes. Students must contact the staff in the Office of the Registrar to drop courses. After the start of the term, but through the second class meeting (or in the case of online courses, through the second day of the term) permission of the instructor and the associate dean of academic affairs is required to drop. Classes dropped after the second class meeting (or in the case of on line courses, after the second day of term) require the approval of the faculty petitions committee. In cases of oversubscribed courses, students are encouraged to drop as early as possible to allow students on the waiting list to enroll. For current UConn Law students, if permission to drop an oversubscribed course is granted by the faculty petitions committee, a sanction of the loss of a priority enrollment appointment for the next registration cycle will be imposed.