Summer Term 2021
Summer Term 2021

Summer Term at UConn Law offers students the opportunity to earn credits toward a degree or to take a course related to personal or professional interests.

Summer Term

There are two sessions within the Summer Term:

  • Summer Session I:  May 24 - June 25, 2021
  • Summer Session II: July 6 - August 6, 2021


  • Practice Ready Research will run from May 24 - June 11, 2021
  • Exam for Trademark Law: August 9, 2021
  • Reproductive Ethics, Rights and Policy: June 1 - July 9, 2021
Summer Term Classes Offer:
  • Convenient Location – Courses are offered at the Law School's Hartford campus.
  • Small Time Commitment – Classes range in duration from two to five weeks.
  • Small Student to Faculty Ratio – Small class sizes allow for frequent instructor interaction and an opportunity for students to hone their legal skills or build new ones while creating professional relationships with fellow students.

Courses are open for enrollment to current JD students, current UConn LLM students, current UConn graduate students, members of the bar, Connecticut residents age 62 and over and UConn's "University Scholar" students.

Course Offerings - June Term
Class# Catalog# Course Title Instructors Day(s) & Time(s) Location
11639 7840-L15 Legal Writing, Advanced
Eligible for UCWR.
Asynchronous Course Work Plus Online Synchronous Meetings TH 6:30-7:30 ONLINE
15395 7596-L15 Origins of English Common Law
P/F Grading Option, except for those satisfying UCWR. Eligible for UCWR.
Elukin,Jonathan M.
Asynchronous - Synchronous Sessions Available ONLINE
16415 7935-L15 Practice Ready Research
P/F Grading Option
Asynchronous ONLINE
Course Offerings - July Term
Class# Catalog# Course Title Instructors Day(s) & Time(s) Location
19714 7349-L15 Research for Social Justice
P/F Grading Option
Asynchronous ONLINE
11724 7939-L15 Trademark Law
P/F Grading Option.                       Exam: August 9, 2021
Course Offerings - June & July Term
Class# Catalog# Course Title Instructors Day(s) & Time(s) Location
14036 7979-L15 Field Placement: Indiv Seminar
W 4:30PM - 5:45PM ONLINE

Courses which meet enrollment capacity will be filled on a lottery system on April 15, 2021 however priority will be given to UCONN Law students first.

Other Course Offerings Summer Term 2021
Class# Catalog# Course Title Instructors Day(s) & Time(s) Location
2241 5497-40 Graduate Seminar in Public Health
Reproductive Ethics, Rights, and Policy
This UCHC has been approved for JD law students under the "Course Outside the School of Law Policy".
TTH 5:30-8:30pm ONLINE
Tuition, Fees, Payment and Refund Deadlines

Summer Term courses are paid on a per-credit basis for in-state and out-of-state students.

The course fees are:

  • a one-time $30 technology fee
  • $1,112 per credit for JD and non-current law students
  • $1,215 per credit for U.S. Legal Studies LLM students, Energy & Environmental Law LLM students, and Human Rights LLM students
  • $1,326 per credit for Insurance LLM students

Payment for Summer Session I is due by May 21, 2021. Payment for Summer Session II is July 2, 2021.

The University offers a number of payment options. Please visit the Law School's student portal for more information on payment options and for a link to the University's website for more payment information.

Course Fee Refund Schedule
Refund rates:

  • June Session (Summer Session I)
    Session Start Date: Monday, May 24, 2021.
    Last Day to Drop & Receive full refund (100%), Friday, May 28, 2021.
    No refund for courses dropped after Friday, May 28, 2021.

  • July Term (Summer Session II)
    Session Start Date:  Tuesday July 6, 2021.
    Last Day to Drop & Receive full refund (100%), Friday, July 9, 2021.
    No refund for courses dropped after Friday, July 9, 2021.

Please note that these rules apply to the refund of fees; course add/drop deadlines may differ.

Summer Financial Aid
All students seeking summer financial aid for the summer must complete a UConn School of Law Summer 2021 Financial Aid Application.

Students may have Federal Direct Student Loans eligibility if they are enrolled in at least 6 credits. Students seeking federal loans should ensure that they have already completed a 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) under school code 001417.

For students enrolled in less-than-6 credits, private/alternative student loans may be available. For ideas, see ELMSelect. UConn will certify a loan from any lender.

Tuition Scholarships are not available for the summer term, as students are charged fees for the summer sessions.

Financial aid cannot exceed cost of attendance. Limitations on estimated indirect expenses may apply to student enrolled for less than 6 credits. Contact Student Finance for additional information.

For more information on tuition and fee waivers, please visit the "waivers" tab in the Student Life & Resources section on Tuition & Fees.

General Information

Class Cancelations
Students will be notified of class cancellations via various methods. Information will be posted on the Law School's website. E-mail notices may be sent via TWEN.

There will be no make-up time built into the Summer Term schedule. If classes are cancelled, instructors will consult with students and reschedule at a mutually agreeable time.

UConn Bookstore
The UConn Bookstore is located in downtown Hartford. View the UConn Bookstore hours.

Summer Course Registration

Students may register for Summer Term classes by filling out this online enrollment form.

Please complete the enrollment request form which will be automatically forwarded to the Law School registrar's office. If seats are available in the course, the enrollment request will be processed. In limited enrollment courses, seats will be granted to current UConn Law students first, then open to general enrollment. Submission of this form constitutes a request for enrollment which, if granted, obligates the student to pay all associated fees. Students are required to formally withdraw from these courses in a timely manner to avoid liability for these fees.

In the event of low student enrollment, the School of Law may cancel courses. Every effort will be made to do this in significant advance of the start of classes. Courses cancelled due to low enrollment will result in a refund of all fees paid.

Selected Academic Regulations Guidelines

Students may enroll in up to (7) credits per session/(10) credits in the full term.

Courses may be added provided that no more than one class meeting (or in the case of online courses, no more than one day into the start of the term) has been missed.

Courses may be dropped with no permission required prior to the start of classes. Students must contact the staff in the Office of the Registrar to drop courses. After the start of the term, but through the second class meeting (or in the case of online courses, through the second day of the term) permission of the instructor and the associate dean of academic affairs is required to drop the class. Classes dropped after the second class meeting (or in the case of on line courses, after the second day of the term) require the approval of the faculty petitions committee. In cases of oversubscribed courses, students are encouraged to drop as early as possible to allow students on the waiting list to enroll. For current UConn Law students, if permission to drop an oversubscribed course is granted by the faculty petitions committee, a sanction of the loss of a priority enrollment appointment for the next registration cycle will be imposed.

Please note course refund dates differ from academic add/drop dates.