Registrar's Public Forms

Below please find the most commonly used forms and applications. Do not hesitate to contact the registrar’s office if you do not find what you need or have any questions. Please note that some internet browsers require that you save rather than open the forms that are in a pdf format. You may print and return your pdf forms by fax, by scan/email, by post, or simply drop in if you’re on campus. Forms not requiring a signature are available as on-line forms. These forms are received directly by the registrar’s office.

Audit Course Request Form

Students enrolled as candidates for some graduate degrees, members of the bar, and Connecticut residents over the age of 62 may audit courses with the consent of the faculty member and the assistant dean for admissions and student affairs. Under special circumstances, students with a JD may take classes as a "special student" on a pass/fail basis with approval from the Graduate Law Program Director and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Individuals requesting permission to become an auditor or special student should consult the schedule of courses before submitting this form. Auditors and special students must pay the regular tuition and fees for courses. Auditors and special students are not permitted to apply for admission to the JD program during the year in which they are attending classes.

The privileges of an auditor in a course are limited specifically to attending and listening. The auditor assumes no obligation to do any of the work required of the course and is not expected to take any of the instructor's time. In addition, the auditor does not submit any work, and is not eligible to take any tests or examinations nor to receive grades on all or any part of the course. If a person who is not enrolled at the School of Law is granted permission to audit a course and subsequently applies and is granted admission to the School of Law, this course (or courses) cannot be taken for credit after matriculation. The privileges of a special student in a course are to complete all work and exams for the course. Work is graded on a pass/fail basis. Work completed as a special student is not normally approved for credit in the LLM program. Any student seeking credit for individual courses taken prior to admission to the LLM program may apply to the Petitions Committee for the award of credit for the course. The Petitions Committee does not consider any such application for credit until the student has satisfactorily completed the equivalent of one full time semester of work at the Law School. In accordance with C.G.S.A. Sec. 10a-155, full time students born after December 31, 1956 must provide proof of adequate immunization before they are permitted to enroll.       Audit Course Request Form »

Enrollment Verification Request (Letter of Good Standing)

Submit this form if you need proof of enrollment, otherwise known as a “letter of good standing.” All letters are signed and affixed with the University seal. Please note, if you are requesting this letter for an out of state bar, please let us know if documentation of character and fitness is also needed. Enrollment Verification Request Form »

Petition Form

Policies, deadlines and procedures have been established by the School of Law, but we also recognize that personal circumstances my require students to seek a waiver of these.   The faculty committee formed to hear these requests is known as the Faculty Petitions Committee and the procedure for making a request to this committee starts with completion of this on-line form.  While this committee is unable to approve petition requests that seek waiver of American Bar Association Accreditation Guidelines, it does and can deliberate matters based on law school policy or procedure. Petition Request Form »

Transcript Request

Transcripts are available for a fee via an online system. Please follow the instructions as outlined by the University Registrar. Alternatively, current and former students may request transcripts free of charge, in person at the Law School Registrar's Office. In cases where a transcript is needed for bar exam certification, current and former students should not order via the online system but should contact the Law Registrar's Office directly.