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Office of the Registrar
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The Office of the Registrar staff is responsible for all aspects of student registration and academic records. The primary functions of the office include schedule preparation, registration, grades processing, exam administration and certification of attendance. The registrar is the custodian of student records. Additional forms for students' use are located in the registrar's section of the student portal.


Transcripts are available for a fee via an online system. Please follow the instructions as outlined by the University Registrar. Alternatively, current and former students may request transcripts free of charge, in person at the Law School Registrar's Office. In cases where a transcript is needed for bar exam certification, current and former students should not order via the online system but should contact the Law Registrar's Office directly.

Audit Course Request Form

Students enrolled as candidates for some graduate degrees, members of the bar, and Connecticut residents over the age of 62 may audit courses with the consent of the faculty member and the associate dean for academic affairs. Under special circumstances, students with a J.D. may take classes as a "special student" on a pass/fail basis with approval from the Graduate Law Program Director and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Individuals requesting permission to become an auditor or special student should consult the schedule of courses before submitting this form. Auditors and special students must pay the regular tuition and fees for courses. Auditors and special students are not permitted to apply for admission to the J.D. program during the year in which they are attending classes.

The privileges of an auditor in a course are limited specifically to attending and listening. The auditor assumes no obligation to do any of the work required of the course and is not expected to take any of the instructor's time. In addition, the auditor does not submit any work, and is not eligible to take any tests or examinations nor to receive grades on all or any part of the course. If a person who is not enrolled at the School of Law is granted permission to audit a course and subsequently applies and is granted admission to the School of Law, this course (or courses) cannot be taken for credit after matriculation. The privileges of a special student in a course are to complete all work and exams for the course. Work is graded on a pass/fail basis. Work completed as a special student is not normally approved for credit in the LL.M. program. Any student seeking credit for individual courses taken prior to admission to the LL.M. program may apply to the Petitions Committee for the award of credit for the course. The Petitions Committee does not consider any such application for credit until the student has satisfactorily completed the equivalent of one full time semester of work at the Law School. In accordance with C.G.S.A. Sec. 10a-155, full time students born after December 31, 1956 must provide proof of adequate immunization before they are permitted to enroll.  Audit Course Request Form »

Bar Examination

Many bar applications can be lengthy and time consuming to prepare. Most states have as part of their required forms a certification of the dean or degree awarded and a character and fitness review. Forms for this purpose are completed by the staff in the Office of the Registrar. Tentative graduates are invited to the office to complete the authorization necessary for the forms required to be sent by the School of Law. Graduates may send their required forms directly to the Office of the Registrar for completion.

Enrollment and Degree Verification

Verification of enrollment (for employers, insurance companies, other institutions of higher education, as well as for many other entities) of degree completion is often needed by former and current students. Unless specified otherwise, all enrollment verifications will include: (1) student's full name; (2) dates of attendance; (3) Status (active, on leave, completed, etc.); (4) study load (full or part time); (5) program of study and (6)  anticipated date of graduation or completion date.

If forms have been provided to individuals from another source, these forms may be brought to the registrar's office. Please leave any dates of attendance fields blank as  the staff in the registrar's office will complete this information. Students who do not require enrollment verification on School of Law letterhead may produce their own using the resources offered by the PeopleSoft student administration system.

Requestors should complete the enrollment verification request form and mail, email, fax or bring their enrollment verification request form directly to the registrar’s office.

Request to Resume Legal Studies

Submit this on-line form if you have been on an approved leave from the School of Law and are now ready to return. This form will serve to notify the various administrative departments of your return so that we can prepare your account and various tech systems for your return. Request to Resume Legal Studies Online Form »

Reports and Statistical Information

The registrar's office compiles statistics relating to student demographics, course enrollment, class profiles and Connecticut Bar Exam passage rates. Many reports are currently available on the Law School website. Anyone needing assistance with additional reports is asked to please contact the staff in the Office of the Registrar directly.

The registrar’s office maintains a directory of forms in both PDF and on line submission formats. Some are also available in hard copy at the registrar’s office or by contacting us directly.  These forms are used primarily by current students to obtain authorization and update student records. Commonly used forms are available to non-matriculating members of the community here. The complete directory is available for current student use through the student portal.