Energy and Environmental Law Certificate (LLM)

Students pursing a certificate in Energy and Environmental law create an individualized curriculum combining energy and environmental coursework. Through the certificate program, students develop substantive knowledge in energy and environmental law while strengthening their analytical, lawyering, legal research and writing skills. Students enrolled in the Energy and Environmental Law LLM program are not eligible for this certificate.


Students are encouraged to announce their intention to seek a certificate at the beginning of their academic year; no formal application is required. Before graduating, students must submit the “Certificate Studies, Intention to Participate Form” to the registrar’s office. All LLM candidates seeking the certificate in Energy & Environmental Law must:

  • complete 9 credit hours of approved courses,
  • fulfill their writing requirement in an approved course or an independent writing project on the subject, and
  • achieve a minimum B average in their certificate courses and writing requirement.
Strongly Recommended Pre or Co-requisite (not included in the 9 credit requirement):
Energy Law Course (3 credits, choose at least one from the following):
Environmental Law Course (3 credits, choose at least one from the following):
Optional Clinical Courses:

Carrie Field, Director of Graduate and Exchange Programs