Corporate and Regulatory Compliance Certificate (LLM)

Students interested in pursuing careers in compliance, ethics, internal monitoring, regulatory affairs and related areas should consider the Compliance Certificate. Through this certificate, students will gain a portfolio of skills at the intersection of law and management to lead effective compliance programs and to build organizational cultures that encourage ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance.

LLM Student Requirements

The LLM Certificate in Corporate and Regulatory Compliance is available to students enrolled in an LLM degree program. Although no formal application is required, students must submit the “Certificate Studies, Intention to Participate Form” to the registrar’s office before graduation.  Students are encouraged to announce to the certificate advisor their intention to seek a certification at the beginning of their academic program.  All LLM candidates seeking the certificate must:

  • complete 9 credit hours of approved courses, which includes one core course and two electives in different areas,
  • fulfill their writing requirement in an approved course or an independent writing project on the subject, and
  • achieve a minimum B average in their certificate courses and writing requirement.

Law School courses approved for the certificate are listed below. For law courses not on this list, students may apply to the director of the program and the Associate dean for Academic Affairs for its use in lieu of one of the listed courses. Students may also seek permission to enroll in additional approved courses offered by the UConn School of Business located in downtown Hartford. 

First Core Required Course:
Elective Course Offerings #1 (choose one of the following):
Elective Course Offerings #2 (choose one of the following):

If none of the options in the Elective Course Offerings #2 are available during the student’s period of enrollment, a second elective from Elective Course Offerings #1 is permitted.


Carrie Field, Director of Graduate and Exchange Programs