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University of Siena
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Exchange Dates to Remember

Fall 2018 Applications

Applications Due: September 21, 2018
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Decisions: October 1, 2018

I would look around at the natural beauty I was surrounded by, the history, the food, the wine, and I was very humbled and grateful for having such an experience.  The best advice I can give someone studying abroad is to slow down and live a slower pace while you are there.  Do not try and fight the fact that things take longer to do and that everything is closed when you need it to be open but try and learn to live as the Italians do, in the moment.

Elizabeth Salsedo
Siena, Fall 2005


The University of Siena is one of the oldest Italian universities, its foundation dating back to the 13th Century. It has approximately 20,000 students from all parts of Italy and from foreign countries. With its many international exchange programs, the University of Siena is one of the most forward thinking in Italy. Every year over 700 European students attend the courses in Siena. The university is entirely located within the medieval city walls and most of its buildings are historical convents and palaces. The Circolo Giuridico, the largest of the university libraries has a collection of about 300,000 books and journals focused on the field of social and legal sciences.

UConn students attending the University of Siena will enroll in second degree level courses focused on law and the political process and theory.  There are additional course offerings in business law and comparative law.  All instruction is in Italian.

International dimension:

Ten reasons to study at the University of Siena: 

Language Requirement

Courses are available in English as well as Italian. Students with knowledge of Italian will have more options in terms of coursework. However, there are a sufficient number of classes taught in English for a complete courseload for one semester.


Each year the International Programs department and the Office of Financial Aid work together to create an appropriate semester or year budget for the exchange program. This budget is based on the UConn Law rate of tuition plus the living costs associated with the program. 

Term of Schedule

Students choosing to study at the University of Siena can opt to attend the university for the full academic year or for one semester in the fall or spring. There is a language course given in mid-September prior to the start of the fall semester. Students attending University of Siena for the fall semester only can arrange to complete all course work by the end of December, prior to returning to the U.S.

Fall Semester End of September to January
Spring Semester End of February through May
Full Year End of September to end of May until coursework is completed
Program of Study

All course lectures are in Italian, except for courses held by foreign visiting professors. UConn students take four courses. Since the first semester does not start until the end of September, students who plan to study at Siena for one semester need to take a three-credit SRP with a Connecticut faculty member or, if available, a two-credit five-week course here plus paper (for a total of three credits) before going to Europe.

Degree courses taught in English:

The Culture

Siena is located at the very center of the Italian peninsula, in the region of Tuscany. It contains an embarrassment of riches in the form of relics, historical construction, and artwork preserved from both the Italian Renaissance and the Middle Ages. The historical city, still surrounded by its imposing walls, has one of the best preserved historical centers in Italy. With cars almost completely banned from the inner city, pedestrians may stroll and enjoy the meandering streets between medieval and renaissance buildings. At the center of this maze is the Piazza del Campo, the political and social center of the city, where twice a year the Palio takes place. This famous horse race is the occasion of a fierce competition between the city boroughs. The Duomo (Siena’s cathedral) is the other central focus of the city, and is not far from the piazza, dominating the landscape with its striated marble facade. Siena is not just a city with historical and artistic traditions. Being the seat of one of the largest Italian banks, the Monte dei Paschi de Siena, the city has developed important connections with the financial centers of the country. The city of Siena is located in the middle of one of Italy’s best wine growing areas, Chianti.

Siena is an hour’s bus ride from the city of Florence, where many of the greatest works of the renaissance masters can be seen at display in the museums, churches, and monasteries. There you can walk in the footsteps of Dante Aligheri (heck, you can even take a tour through the house where he lived), Niccolò Machiavelli, and the palaces of Popes and potentates.

Support in Siena

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