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Leiden University
Dates to Remember

Exchange Dates to Remember

Fall 2018 Applications

Applications Due: September 21, 2018
Interviews: September 24-28, 2018
Decisions: October 1, 2018

In brief, spending a semester at Leiden University was the most rewarding decision that I have made during law school. I established incredible contacts worldwide, received instruction at one of the most prestigious and oldest universities in Europe, made many lifelong friends and lived in an amazingly beautiful and fun country.

Emily Bolton
Leiden, Spring 2011

“Living and studying in Leiden was a wonderful experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend to any UConn student thinking about going abroad. Leiden is a beautiful, charming and friendly university town brimming with history and a lively mix of locals and international students.

Brie Kluytenaar
Leiden, Fall 2009


Founded in 1575, Leiden University was the first university in the Netherlands and has since become home to over 18,000 students enrolled in 46 bachelor’s programs and 70 master’s programs.  There are over 5,000 students in the Faculty of Law. Leiden has the largest and perhaps most prestigious law faculty in the Netherlands.

Since 1989, Leiden University’s Faculty of Law has been offering courses in English to law students from around the world. Most of the students who take these courses, collectively called Leiden Law Courses, are students from other Western European countries, or from the United States. Some of the students are Dutch law students whose international concentration requires that they take some of their electives in English. At Leiden, one's classmates are as likely to be from Spain and Germany as from Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Language Requirement

No language requirements. All instruction is in English.


Each year the International Programs department and the Office of Financial Aid work together to create an appropriate semester or year budget for the exchange program. This budget is based on the UConn Law rate of tuition plus the living costs associated with the program. 

Term of Schedule

Students choosing to study at Leiden can opt to attend the university for the full academic year or for one semester in the fall or spring.

Fall Semester

Semester begins end of August.

Orientation in mid to late August.

Spring Semester End of January to end of May
Full Year Begins mid-August to the end of May until coursework is completed


Program of Study

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Leiden exchange is that our students participate directly in a Dutch law school. The Leiden courses are neither especially designed for nor run by Americans. This means that the Connecticut students have not only the opportunity to take some interesting international and foreign law subjects, but also are, for a time, students in a foreign law school. 

Study in Leiden: https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/about-us/international-profile/study-in-leiden

You can choose a non-degree programme, the Study Abroad in Leiden Program, which allows Study Abroad and exchange students from universities around the world to study in Leiden for one or two semesters. 

Exchange program: http://www.prospectivestudents.leiden.edu/study-abroad-exchange

Master in Law programs for international students: http://en.mastersinleiden.nl/programmes/about/law-and-public-administration/law-for-international-students-and-professionals

Summer school: http://summerschool.universiteitleiden.nl/courses/interest/law


The Culture

A picturesque Dutch town, Leiden is located in the center of the Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hague urban triangle. With a fascinating blend of old and modern architecture, the inner city is largely unchanged over the last two centuries, containing some 1200 buildings of historic interest, many located alongside the town's picturesque canals. In the center of the tulip growing district, its canals, parks and gardens are regularly enjoyed by its residents through morning, midafternoon and evening strolls.  

Leiden played a key role in the Eighty Years War of the 16th century when the Dutch won their independence from Spanish rule. Threatened with siege and starvation, the people nonetheless kept their city from the Spanish until rescued by Prince William of Orange on October 3, 1574. As a reward, William established the University of Leiden the following year. It has been considered since then a seat of international culture. The Pilgrims spent eleven years in Leiden before going to Plymouth, England where many set sail for America shortly thereafter.

A unique aspect of Leiden University is that it has no main campus, rather its buildings are scattered throughout Leiden with most located in the historic inner city. The Gravensteen, a former palace and prison, is the oldest building of the Law Faculty and dates from the 13th century. A new Law Center has been built which contains faculty offices, classrooms, and computer facilities, library, cafeteria and café, bookstore, and copy services.

Leiden is a student-town with an abundance of low-cost entertainment. Connecticut students have found it to be friendly and affordable. Leiden University's many student clubs make finding Dutch activities, be they athletic, social or cultural, quite easy.

Leiden Law School (Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid)
Ms. drs. M. Dirven (Magali) 
Kamerlingh Onnes Building 
Steenschuur 25, room C031 
Phone: 001-31-71527-7609 
E-mail: exchange@law.leidenuniv.nl
• Office for International Education (room C031)
Mon-Fri: 10.00-12.30&13.30-16.00
+31(0)7152787 87

Different Offices/Campus Map: http://media.leidenuniv.nl/legacy/who-do-i-see.pdf

The Leidener Guide: http://theleidener.com/

International Student Handbook: http://media.leidenuniv.nl/legacy/finding-your-way.pdf  

Finding Your Way Around The Hague: http://media.leidenuniv.nl/legacy/finding-your-way-the-hague.pdf

International Student Services:  http://www.isnleiden.com/