Exchange Financial Aid

Enrollment in a study abroad program that has been approved by UConn Law may be considered enrollment at UConn Law for the purpose of applying for federal student aid. All study abroad participants should complete a FAFSA by March 1 to ensure that you are considered for any financial aid for which you might be eligible. Sources of aid and procedures vary depending on the type of study abroad program you choose. Financial Aid eligibility criteria are the same when studying abroad or studying at UConn Law.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

The cost to study abroad varies depending on the program. In most cases, the cost of studying abroad is comparable to the cost of a semester studying at UConn Law. 

Can I use my financial aid to study abroad?

For students enrolling at an exchange partner school that charges UConn tuition, all of a students financial aid will be applied to the study abroad program. Some restrictions apply to financial aid for students enrolling in a program that does not charge UConn tuition.

How do I know if my program charges UConn tuition?

All exchange partner universities charge UConn tuition. If a student chooses and independent exchange program, it will be handled on an individual basis.

The following grants and scholarships can only be used towards exchange programs that charge UConn tuition:

Tuition Remission grants, Opportunity grants, Connecticut Scholar grants, Dean Scholarships, Law School Foundation Scholarships.  Additionally, no tuition waivers (veterans) will apply towards programs that do not charge UConn tuition.

Is financial aid available for Summer Study Abroad Programs through another law school?

The only funds available for summer programs are Federal Stafford Loans (if student has remaining eligibility) and alternative financing options such as Federal Grad Plus Loans. Further information and procedures regarding these programs are available in the Student Finance Office.

NOTE: Students must be enrolled for at least six credits during the summer to be eligible for most forms of summer financial aid available. 

Quick Reference Table:

If You Are Participating In

You May Use

You May Not Use

Exchange program that charges UConn TUITION (eg: Pompeu Fabra University).

Federal Title IV funds including Stafford Loans, Grad Plus Loans and private scholarships. Tuition Remission Grant, Tuition Waiver (veteran) and academic scholarships may be used only for the amount of tuition charged by UConn.

Federal Work-Study (FWS).

Approved program that does not charge UConn tuition (eg: SOAS, Universitas 21)

Federal Title IV Funds including Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Grad Plus Loans

FWS, Tuition Remission Grant, Opportunity Grant, tuition waiver, Deans Scholarships and academic scholarships, (which may be awarded by the Law School Foundation)

External program not approved by the Study Abroad Office


No financial aid eligibility