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Dual-Degree: Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration

The JD/MBA. dual degree program is offered to students as a partnership between the School of Law and the UConn School of Business. This program is designed for students whose career goals include domestic or international business, management, international finance, or public service as well as such specialized areas of tax accounting, investment management, corporate organization or the legal aspects of marketing. With a flexible curriculum and course of study options, the program is suitable to most schedules. The School of Law offers day and evening courses, while the School of Business offers full-time programs at its Hartford location as well as part-time evening and summer programs at its Waterbury and Stamford campuses.

Admission Requirements and Course of Study

All students who wish to pursue a dual degree program must first be granted separate admission into both programs. A dual degree enrollment form approved by each school will also be required. Students in the dual degree program may obtain both degrees in four (4) years, compared with five (5) years, if both degrees were pursued separately. All dual degree candidates must take the required first-year curriculum of both the School of Law and School of Business. Students may begin study at either school. Students beginning at the School of Law will complete a minimum of thirty-three (33) credits after one year of full-time study. Students beginning at the School of Business in Hartford will complete thirty-nine (39) credits after one year of full-time study. Students choosing to begin at the School of Business at the Waterbury or Stamford campuses will pursue a part-time course of study and must take a minimum of twenty-four (24) credits before beginning their first-year program at the School of Law. Throughout the remaining years of study, students may take courses at either school depending on their preference and the availability of desired courses. Additionally, all students must comply with the rules regarding credit load limitations. When credits from both programs are combined, full-time students may not exceed sixteen (16) credits and part-time students may not exceed twelve (12) credits per semester. Students seeking to exceed these limits must obtain permission from the associate dean for academic affairs at the Law School. In no case will permission to exceed these limits be granted if course work at the Law School would account for more than (17) of the total combined credits in one semester, due to ABA Standards.

Completion Requirements

In addition to satisfaction of the requirements of both programs of study, dual degree candidates are required to complete these programs concurrently. The final award of transfer credit is contingent upon completion of both programs.

Transfer Agreement

The JD degree program requires completion of (86) credits (including all required first-year courses, a course in Legal Ethics and Responsibility, and an intensive, analytical paper which satisfies a writing requirement). The School of Law will accept twelve (12) credits from among a student's MBA elective courses for transfer.

The MBA degree program requires completion of fifty-seven (57) credits (including the core requirements and the capstone course, taken in the last semester of study). The School of Business reduces the number of credits needed for graduation by fifteen (15) credits for dual degree students.

Faculty Advisors

UConn School of Law
Professor James Kwak

UConn School of Business - Full Time, Storrs
Rajendera Shirole, Director

UConn School of Business - Part Time, Hartford
Karen Mathieu, Program Manager

UConn School of Business, Part Time, Stamford
Kristin Amrine, Program Manager

UConn School of Business, Part Time, Waterbury
Nakeia Moore, Program Administrator