Students in a classroom
Curricular Interest Areas

Students at UConn Law are encouraged to pursue their individual interests and to take advantage of the wide variety of courses that are available. The Law School offers more than 160 courses each year. The Law School also offers the unique opportunity for first-year day division students to choose one elective course (statutory/regulatory) during the second semester, allowing students to pursue areas of interest before the second year.

For students who wish to pursue a program of study on a particular topic or pursue a specific career path, areas of curricular interest are identified below to assist students in course selection. Students should determine first if an individual course is of interest and whether it will further their educational and professional goals. Students should select from among the courses listed in a particular topic area.


Students who wish to receive individual advice about course selection should contact Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Darcy Kirk ( or Director of Academic Support Mary Beattie ( who will meet with students personally or refer students to a faculty member who can advise on course selection in a student's areas of interest.

Additionally, it is often helpful to talk with individual faculty members to get their views about course selection. During the fall semester, faculty teaching courses in a particular area of the law will typically participate in a panel discussion to provide students with information about the courses. In the spring semester, students are encouraged to attend a session with faculty who can advise about course selection for the following academic year.