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Curricular Interest Area: Human Rights

Human Rights is an interdisciplinary field that studies efforts to secure for all human beings the guarantees of human dignity and social justice. It draws upon international treaties, conventions and the case law of international courts to resolve questions such as the right to health care, access to knowledge, and prosecutions for war crimes and crimes against humanity.Read more on other areas of curricular interest »

Core Courses
Experiential Courses
JD Certificate in Human Rights

For students who choose to focus their academic careers on Human Rights Law, UConn Law in cooperation with UConn Human Rights Institute and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) offers a certificate program. A certificate in Human Rights Law demonstrates a competency to potential employers and prepares students for a career in this diverse legal field. Certificates requirements, included courses and application information can be found on the Human Rights Certificate webpage. Read more on the Human Rights Certificate (JD) »