LAW7986 - Securities and Exchange Commission Enforcement

LAW7986 - Securities and Exchange Commission Enforcement

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This course provides an overview of the SEC enforcement program and its current enforcement initiatives. The course provide background on the SEC's structure mandate, and statutory and regulatory scheme. It will also address the material elements of the SEC's enforcement program, including investigative processes and procedures, civil and administrative actions and remedies, and parallel criminal proceedings. The course will survey and analyze various securities law violations, with particular attention paid to insider trading, public company fraud, and mortgage-backed securities disclosure fraud. Substantial attention will be paid to important recent regulatory initiatives and developments, and recent or current high profile enforcement actions, trials, and settlements. Discussion will also focus on the practical aspects of, and ethical concerns related to, defending companies and individuals in connection with SEC enforcement proceedings and parallel criminal proceedings, including responding to subpoenas and requests for information, preparing witnesses for investigative testimony, participating in joint defense arrangements, conducting parallel internal corporate investigations, providing cooperation with the SEC, responding to SEC staff "Wells Notices" regarding recommended enforcement actions, negotiating settlements, and formulating litigation strategies. Suggested preparation courses include Securities Regulation, Securities Litigation and/or Administrative Law though none of these is required.