LAW7979 - Individual Externship Seminar

LAW7979 - Individual Externship Seminar

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Individual Externship (LAW 7996)

This is an optional seminar for students concurrently enrolled in an individual externship, but it is required for any student seeking to have the externship satisfy the Practice-Based Learning Requirement. The seminar will explore practical, ethical, and professional-role issues that students are likely to encounter in their externship field placement. Through assigned readings, class discussions and role-play exercises, students will learn to navigate a legal office environment; to detect, diagnose and effectively respond to problems that arise; to form and nurture rewarding professional relationships; and to derive the maximum possible educational benefit from their externship. Students will be required to reflect critically on their field placement experience and systematically evaluate its effectiveness in developing their substantive knowledge, practice skills, and professional identity. The seminar will also help students use their externship to maximize opportunities for subsequent employment placement and career advancement. In order to participate in this seminar, students must simultaneously enroll in an individual externship of at least three (3) credits. The seminar instructor will serve as the faculty advisor for the student's individual externship. Enrolled students must attend the mandatory externship orientation program, which takes place during the first week of classes.