LAW7969 - Basic Quantitative Methods

LAW7969 - Basic Quantitative Methods

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Spreadsheets are powerful and widely-used tools for making a variety of numerical calculations, managing data, and producing graphs and tables. Analysts find them invaluable for quantitative modeling of alternative assumptions ("what-if" analyses). This one-credit course is designed to introduce students to the effective use of spreadsheets, as well as to impart basic substantive knowledge of finance and accounting. Students will learn the fundamentals of spreadsheet use (including design and presentation of results). These techniques will be applied to simple problems in finance (present and future value, loan repayment schedules, taxes) and elementary accounting. The course is designed for students with no mathematical background beyond high school algebra, and may only be taken pass/fail. The substantive content will be helpful for many business law courses, as well as other applications such as contract damages or proof of discrimination. This course is not open to students who have successfully completed or are currently enrolled in Corporate Finance.