LAW7933 - Copyright in the Digital Age

LAW7933 - Copyright in the Digital Age

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Intellectual Property (LAW 7715)

This seminar examines how the legal regulation of expression is shaped by the expansion of copyright's subject matter. These include media constructed through such new technologies as digital platforms for electronic distribution of information, transdisciplinary visual art, and music sampling. While the course considers new media, it also is intended to serve as an advanced copyright course for students seeking to pursue studies beyond the general intellectual property class. The seminar will begin with a consideration of the conceptual basis for copyright, its historical development, and comparative law. It will analyze legislative proposals and court decisions, policy arguments, and pose questions about copyright's relationship to participation of the public as informed citizens, privacy and access to markets. Both seminar's deep probing of the underlying principles of copyright law and its focus on new digital media probes the broader question of how legal regulation is transformed in a period of rapid technological change. Pre-requisites: Intellectual Property.