LAW7919 - Clinic: United State's Attorney's Externship

LAW7919 - Clinic: United State's Attorney's Externship

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Evidence (LAW 7560) or Administrative Law (LAW 7600)

Students will assist in the investigation and litigation of civil rights cases in the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Connecticut. The year long clinic will include classroom seminars and field assignment. In the once-a-week classroom seminar, students will receive instruction on topics including: official misconduct; educational access; human trafficking; hate crimes; housing and lending; language access; religious land protection; rights of the disabled; rights of institutionalized persons; rights of service members and veterans; and voting rights. Classroom instruction also will include segments on statutory interpretation and federal investigation techniques and procedure. In field work, students will work under the supervision of Assistant United States Attorneys, investigators, and paralegals on investigation tactics, evidence gathering, pleading drafting, deposition preparation, document review, legal research, litigation strategy, and settlement negotiations in each of the pending civil rights matters to which they are assigned. Students may enroll for the second semester of this course only with the permission of the instructor. 3 graded credits each semester.