LAW7913 - International Legal Practice

LAW7913 - International Legal Practice

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This course, combining a graded 2-credit seminar and a non-graded 2-credit externship, aims to develop skills to empower the student to become a more effective international lawyer. The course may be elected by students admitted to one of the Law School's foreign law programs in England (Exeter, Nottingham, or SOAS) or in the Netherlands (Leiden or Tilburg) for the full semester. Helped by the instructor(s), the student will be placed in an externship in England or the Netherlands with a foreign law firm or corporation, an international organization or court, or a non-governmental organization. The international externship will be supervised and be subject to the ordinary externship requirements of the Law School and will require about 10 hours of externship work each week for about 10 weeks. The seminar will have three parts: (1) a two-week long series of meetings at the Law School in September before students go abroad, (2) a two or three day intensive meeting either in England or the Netherlands during the period of the actual externship, and (3) a one-week long series of meetings at the start of the Spring semester in January. The focus of all three seminar parts will be on the distinctive nature of international lawyering. Short papers will be required.