LAW7908 - The Canon of American Legal Thought

LAW7908 - The Canon of American Legal Thought

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This seminar will examine what are widely viewed among legal scholars as the greatest hits of American legal thought, essays that greatly influenced the development of law and legal theory in the U.S. over the course of the last century. The essays exemplify the principal schools of modern legal thought including legal realism, law and economics, and critical race and feminist theory and they feature legal thinkers from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., and Karl Llewellyn to Duncan Kennedy and Catharine Mackinnon. Class will meet weekly for a two-hour session, and each week we will analyze and critique two essays, most of which will be found in our textbook, The Canon of American Legal Thought (David Kennedy & William W. Fisher III, eds. 2006); a handful of others will be available for download from the course web site on TWEN. Grades will be calculated in the following manner: 50% will be based on class participation, and 50% will be based on an examination given at the end of the course.