LAW7885 - Children and the Law

LAW7885 - Children and the Law

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This seminar will examine existing laws governing children's lives as well as proposals for law reform. The focus will be on those laws that regulate children's lives separate and apart from laws governing adults or persons generally. The course of study will be organized in terms of six interrelated spheres of children's experience: (1) children's relationships with caregivers; (2) children's protection from maltreatment; (3) children's educational experiences; (4) children's experiences in the criminal and juvenile justice systems; (5) children's interactions with the market and civic life, as consumers, workers, and citizens; and (6) children's peer relationships, including sexual relationships and the reproductive consequences that may flow from such relationships. Consideration will be given to the interconnected themes of adult responsibilities for children, children's rights, children's developmental needs, and children's intrinsic experiences as children.