LAW7869 - Global Intellectual Property Policy

LAW7869 - Global Intellectual Property Policy

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This two-credit class is designed to expose students not just to comparative and international intellectual property law, but also to students, attorneys, and intellectual property scholars from other countries as well as to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), the leading organization for establishing international intellectual property frameworks. Students will meet as a regular seminar (approximately) four times during the semester to acquire a basic understanding of this area of law. Under the supervision of the professor, each student will write a paper of about fifteen pages. In mid-May, students and faculty members from the Law School of the University of Connecticut and a select number of United States and foreign law schools will gather at WIPO headquarters in Geneva for a comprehensive meeting on Authors and Creators. Students will present their research, and will receive comments from participants. In addition, WIPO officials will conduct workshops. The seminar will examine a taxonomy of business strategies that authors and creators might rely upon to promote and secure their interest in a variety of sectors, including the music industry, visual arts, theater, book publishing, and digital arts technology. Topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to, issues such as publicity rights, economic aspects of author's moral rights, the role of collecting societies, trademarks, best contractual practices for authors and creators, and comparative law. Due to the special nature of this educational experience, all participating law schools are limited to one professor and four students. This course does entail additional costs for travel. However, the Law School will provide a limited subvention to offset these costs. Instructor approval required for enrollment.