Law7868 - Intellectual Property Historical Perspectives

LAW7868 - Intellectual Property Historical Perspectives

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This seminar course will cover the development of intellectual property in the United States, including trade secrets, trademark, copyright, right of publicity, and patent law, from their early modern origins until the current period. We will examine such subjects as comparisons with European intellectual property systems, the creation of the Copyright and Patent clause in the United States Constitution, intellectual property piracy, the judicial construction of fair use and the public domain, shifting definitions of subject matter, the significance of intellectual property to industries such as pharmaceuticals and Hollywood, the emergence of international intellectual property frameworks through bilateral treaties and multi-national conventions, public debates about the role of intellectual property as monopoly, the growth of celebrity, and the place of copyright in a digital age. The readings will consist of articles, essays, and books. This class is conceived as a reading course, and a special emphasis will be placed upon thoughtful class discussion. Grading is based upon short response papers, and there is no exam. Students are not required to have taken previously any intellectual property or legal history.