LAW7830 - Law and Lobbying

LAW7830 - Law and Lobbying

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This course will address the constitutional basis for and history of paid lobbying; the legal and ethical restrictions and considerations a lawyer-lobbyist needs to consider; the role of money and politics in lobbying; and practical elements of how to be an effective lawyer-lobbyist. Taught by two lawyers with extensive experience as both lawyer-lobbyists and partisan and non-partisan staff, the course will combine both theoretical and legal analysis with practical guidance. The goal of the course will be to combine the study of legal and constitutional principles governing lobbying and the enactment of legislation with exposure to practical issues faced by the lawyer who participates in the legislative process. Both the Federal and State level will be examined, with the majority of material focused on Connecticut State law and legislative process. This area has generally been ignored in law schools, despite the increasing importance of advocacy in the legislative-process context. The reading for the course will be provided; there is no current text that explores the ground we intend to cover.