LAW7777 - Introduction to Quantitative Methods

LAW7777 - Introduction to Quantitative Methods

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This is an introduction to basic quantitative methods, and is meant for people with no prior exposure to the material. The course will focus on the design and use of spreadsheets to produce informative tables and graphs, and will introduce students to a wide variety of legal problems for which quantitative numerical results are useful or required. This includes simple discounting of future cash flows, basic summary statistics such as means and standard deviations, and a variety of ?what-if? or sensitivity analyses. The course meets for the first third of the semester only: the final exam will be given in week 5. It is not a prerequisite for Quantitative Methods, which will be taught in the second two-thirds of the semester and which will deal with more advanced statistical techniques. However, some familiarity with basic statistics will be assumed for the second course. Students are not eligible to take this class if they have an undergrad degree in a quantitative subject such as economics, finance or a hard science.