LAW7771 - Islamic Finance and Investment Law

LAW7771 - Islamic Finance and Investment Law

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This course introduces the subject of contemporary Islamic finance as a subset of the fast growing global movement towards socially responsible business. This course presents an overview of Islamic law and ethics, jurisprudence, and contracts, and then proceeds to consider these principles in private equity, real estate, and insurance transactions. Muslim scholars' views on debt will be studied, particularly as a tool to create participatory, inclusive markets. We will also review Islam’s long standing religious and legal tradition vis a vis the natural and built environments, good governance, and social welfare concerns, such as human and labor rights, as well as philanthropy. We explore what links the Shari'ah can be utilized to create between these objectives and business. Prior knowledge of Islamic law as well as an interest in business/ finance will be helpful but certainly not required. Students should be interested in business and finance and passionate about questions of moderation, justice, and responsibility.