LAW7762 - Evolution of Crime Victim's Rights

LAW7762 - Evolution of Crime Victim's Rights

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This seminar will examine the evolution of crime victims' rights both nationwide and within the State of Connecticut, through a study of landmark cases, legislation, textbooks as well as course work materials. The review of the law surrounding victims' rights will include a detailed study of the criminal justice system (state and federal), the constitutions of the United States and Connecticut, and the legislative process. The seminar will examine the tension between crime victims' rights and the criminal defendants' rights as well as the roles of state prosecutors and how those roles are affected by crime victims? rights legislation and laws. The seminar will include guest speakers from the criminal justice system as well as various victim services agencies. The seminar will also examine services provided to crime victims such as compensation, court support services, and relocation through witness protection. The seminar will also cover the recent trend of states creating victim rights compliance agencies, such as the Office of the Victim Advocate in Connecticut and the services and authority of such agencies. The seminar will include research assignments on current topics, motion writing and a mock hearing.