LAW7751 - Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project

LAW7751 - Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project

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The Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project is a prestigious nationwide legal education program that offers law school students the opportunity to teach constitutional law and appellate advocacy to high school students in an underserved community. With the support of a cooperating teacher, law students - known as Marshall-Brennan Fellows - will work in two-person teams to run their own classroom, developing curriculum, writing and executing lesson plans, and evaluating student achievement in a one-semester course at a public high school in Hartford. Throughout the semester, Marshall-Brennan Fellows will meet weekly to review content pedagogy and instructional best practices, as well as to collaborate on curriculum design and lesson planning. While the instructional focus in the high school classroom is primarily on constitutional law, Marshall-Brennan Fellows will also prepare their students to participate in a regional moot court competition. Note: Students who register must be able to teach at a high school in the South End of Hartford 11:45am to 1:09pm. The high school class meets every other day.