LAW7744 - Clinic: Child Advocacy

LAW7744 - Clinic: Child Advocacy

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This course will offer students both formal instruction and on-the job training on legal advocacy for low income children and adolescents. Students will assist the legal staff at the Center for Children's Advocacy in representing individual children in cases involving abuse/neglect, families with service needs, special education, and medical/mental health care. In addition, students will represent adolescents at Hartford Public High School, where the Center operates a school-based legal advocacy clinic. On many of the cases, students will participate in an innovative disciplinary project, teaming law, medical and social work students and faculty. Students will also assist on the Center's ongoing impact litigation, KidsCounsel training program for lawyers, and engage in state-level legislative advocacy. Legal research and writing will be assigned as needed for the cases and projects the center is working on. Readings and class discussion will cover substantive law issues, as well as the trial skills necessary to advocate effectively for young people.