LAW7740 - Trial Advocacy

LAW7740 - Trial Advocacy

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Evidence (7560)

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to coordinate their knowledge of procedure and evidence with their knowledge of substantive law in a realistic and dramatic setting, with the aim of developing some facility in the techniques of trial practice. Problems demonstrated or otherwise raised for consideration include the following: interviews with clients; investigation of a case, personally and through investigators; use of experts such as physicians, engineers, and photographers; evaluation and settlement of cases; choice of court and method of trial; initiating the action; depositions, disclosures, discovery, and other pretrial preparations; selection of jury; opening statements; order of trial; effective presentation of evidence; selective trial tactics; arguments to the jury; requests to charge the jury; use of motions before and after trial. Throughout the course, stress will be placed on the proper discharge of the attorney's functions and responsibilities in a professional manner.