LAW7700 - Ethics and Regulation of Novel Health Technologies

LAW7700 - Ethics and Regulation of Novel Health Technologies

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New and emerging health- related technologies and treatments can offer the promise of better care and improved quality of life, but they often raise ethical and regulatory concerns, some anticipated and others unanticipated. This course will focus on five issues: (1) what kinds of ethical issues does the specific technology raise; (2) how should the technologies be tested; (3) how should these technologies be evaluated and regulated before they become available; (4) which groups are likely to have access to specific innovations and will inequalities in access increase health disparities; and (5) will the technologies be used primarily for human benefit or for profit and what difference should this make. The specific new technologies on which the course will focus are pluripotent stem cell treatments, new reproductive technologies, innovations in genetic testing, enhancement technologies, nanotechnology, and new cancer diagnostics and drugs.