LAW7628 - Clinic: Criminal Appellate Division

LAW7628 - Clinic: Criminal Appellate Division

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1/4 (min/max)

Pre or co-requisite:

Criminal Procedure is a (fall) co-requisite; Evidence is recommended.

The Criminal Appellate Clinic provides a strong foundation in criminal and appellate practice for students interested in exploring careers in criminal defense or prosecution at either the appellate or the trial level. It is also a good choice for any student generally interested in appellate advocacy (legal research, brief writing, etc.) or who plans to pursue a clerkship at the appellate level. Under faculty supervision, clinic students represent indigent defendants in appeals before the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Courts, and in other post-conviction proceedings (habeas corpus, parole and pardons, sentence review, etc.). The clinic seminar includes training in the constitutional and non-constitutional rules and principles that animate criminal practice. Students also lead “case rounds” discussions on issues arising from their client-representation work, which they perform in teams. Tasks include: visiting incarcerated clients, reviewing trial files and transcripts, conducting research, writing legal memoranda, identifying colorable claims of error, outlining, writing, editing, and filing briefs and reply briefs, and preparing for oral argument. Students and clinic faculty frequently moot public defenders and private attorneys preparing for oral argument in their own appellate cases.