LAW7627 - Clinic: Criminal Appellate Advocacy

LAW7627 - Clinic: Criminal Appellate Advocacy

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1/4 (min/max)

Pre or co-requisite:

Criminal Procedure is a (fall) co-requisite; Evidence is recommended.

The Criminal Appellate Clinic provides detailed training in Connecticut appellate law and practice, the Connecticut penal code, and constitutional criminal procedure. Under faculty supervision, students appear as certified legal interns on behalf of indigent criminal defendants in cases pending in the Connecticut Supreme Court and the Connecticut Appellate Court, and occasionally in other post-conviction proceedings (habeas corpus, parole, pardons, etc.). Students work collaboratively on the clinic’s cases. Tasks include: visiting incarcerated clients, reviewing trial files and transcripts, conducting research, writing legal memoranda, identifying colorable claims of error, and outlining, writing, editing, and filing briefs and reply briefs, as well as preparing for oral argument. We also often moot public defenders and private attorneys preparing their own cases for oral argument.