7608 - Clinic: Criminal Appellate Prosecution

LAW7608 - Clinic: Criminal Appellate Prosecution

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3.00/4.00 (min/max)



Students in this year-long clinic handle actual criminal appeals under the supervision of experienced state prosecutors from the Office of the Chief State's Attorney, which partners with the Law School to offer the placement. During the fall semester, students research, write and argue a mock appellate motion as well as a brief. In the spring, students are assigned a pending appeal, research and write the state's brief, and argue the appeal before the Connecticut Appellate Court (schedule permitting). Students receive extensive feedback on their written and oral work as well as instruction in the techniques, ethics and mechanics of appellate advocacy. Enrollment is by application only; evening students are especially encouraged to apply. Continued enrollment in the second semester is with the permission of the instructor only. Evidence (LAW 7560) and Criminal Procedure (LAW 7645) are co-requisites, although students should if possible take one or both before enrolling; both co-requisites must be completed in any event before the start of the spring semester. 3 credits fall, 4 credits spring.