LAW7607 - Clinic: Energy and Environmental Law Practice

LAW7607 - Clinic: Energy and Environmental Law Practice

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3/4 (min/max)



This course focuses on developing students' lawyering skills, judgment and professional responsibility, as well as deepening their understanding of environmental law and practice. Under the supervision of lawyers at the Connecticut Urban Legal Initiative, Inc., students will provide legal services to clients in need of representation in environmental matters, and who are not otherwise represented by the private bar. Weekly seminars will explore various practice elements including: federal and state causes of action, pleadings and proof of facts; adjudications before the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Siting Council; regulatory compliance issues; investigation and remediation strategies for environmentally impaired property; and structuring the purchase, sale, financing and leasing of so-called "Brownfields" property. Depending on the needs of the clients in a given semester, related student experiences are likely to include: (1) evaluation of potential client matters and review of possible conflicts of interest; (2) interviewing and interaction with clients; (3) addressing ethical, tactical, legal and business issues that emerge in the course of representation; and (4) drafting documents such as legal memoranda, client letters and pleadings in administrative proceedings. Administrative Law or Environmental Law are suggested and preferred preparation courses.