LAW7581 - Islamic Law, Introduction to

LAW7581 - Islamic Law, Introduction to

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This course is designed to introduce the Islamic legal system and the subjects that comprise it. Part I will introduce and examine the Shari’ah (commonly translated as Islamic law) and its sources: the Qur’an and the Sunnah (Prophetic precedent). Both of these sources, largely textual in nature, will be studied with respect to their role in the formulation and legislation of law (termed, fiqh). The discipline of usul al-fiqh (theoretical jurisprudence) will be briefly considered to understand the tools of textual and logical reasoning used by Muslim jurists to derive and deduce law from these two sources. Assigned readings will also discuss the developments of, and in, Islamic law and jurisprudence from an historical perspective. Part II of this course will explore certain substantive topics, such as family law, women’s rights, environmental consciousness, animal welfare, the status of non-Muslims and Muslim minority communities under Islamic law, crime and punishment, and combat.