LAW7576 - Advanced Topics in Regulation

LAW7576 - Advanced Topics in Regulation

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This 3-hour weekly seminar is taught in Washington, DC. It is required for students enrolled in the Semester in DC program and is available only to these students. The seminar will begin with a four-week boot camp in legislative and administrative process designed to ensure that students have the basic knowledge they need to succeed in their government-centered externships and in a government or government-focused job. The boot camp will conclude with a two-hour mid-term exam that will test the students' mastery of these basic concepts. Students will then explore a series of more advanced topics that will enrich their knowledge and enhance their effectiveness as lawyers working in or with government. Examples include the role of agency culture, the centuries-long struggle to achieve an effective civil service; the risk of agency capture and techniques for managing it; the role of lobbyists and the controversy surrounding lobbying; issues surrounding White House and Congressional oversight of agency regulations; the controversy surrounding cost-benefit analysis of health, safety and environmental regulation; and the challenge of achieving international regulatory cooperation in an increasingly global economy. The seminar will conclude with a final exam that will test the students' mastery of these more advanced topics.