LAW7573 - Contract Drafting

LAW7573 - Contract Drafting

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2.00/3.00 (min/max)



This course introduces students to the principles, processes and techniques for drafting contracts. Among the topics covered will be: the structure of a contract, representations, covenants, conditions, allocation of risk, incentives, remedies and enforceability. Students will develop skills in reading and interpreting contracts and will thereby better understand the function of provisions. Various agreements will be studied such as purchase and sale agreements, employment contracts, leases, and confidentiality agreements. We will also explore negotiation and practical impacts on drafting contracts, as well as ethical issues that arise during the negotiating and drafting process. The goals of this course are: (1) to teach students how to draft clear and effective contracts; and (2) to introduce students to common substantive contract provisions and structure. This will be an entirely online class and there will be no scheduled class meetings aside from an introductory session at the beginning of the term. Instead of a final exam, students will complete written assignments (drafting or revising contracts) and, through the use of TWEN's discussion forum, engage in discussion, peer review and negotiation of contract terms.