LAW7564 - Consumer Bankruptcy

LAW7564 - Consumer Bankruptcy

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This seminar uses consumer bankruptcy as a lens to study the role of consumer credit in the U.S. economy and society. The class will focus on the key aspects of the consumer bankruptcy system, including who files bankruptcy, what causes bankruptcy, the consequences of bankruptcy, and the operation of the bankruptcy system. We will discuss each of these issues in the larger context of consumer debt and consumer law. The readings will come from law and non-law sources, including the work of a variety of social scientists (but no statistical background is required). The class will discuss issues relevant to the legal system and the study of law generally, including the use of data to measure legal problems, the role of lawyer and non-lawyer actors, and the nature of modern policymaking. Students will gain only a basic familiarity of the Bankruptcy Code and the practice of bankruptcy law. Prior completion of Bankruptcy may be helpful but is not required.