LAW7522 - Moot Court

LAW7522 - Moot Court

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This is an intensive training program in oral and written legal advocacy, consisting of three distinct components: (1) classroom instruction concerning the structure of the American judicial system, the functions, powers and responsibilities of its institutions, decision-makers and participants, and the legal rules, practical considerations and institutional expectations which set the bounds of proper advocacy therein; (2) exposure to the fundamental principles and essential techniques of effective oral and written legal advocacy of workshops designed to test those principles by fostering student participation in practical exercises involving the use, analysis, and criticism of those techniques; (3) carefully supervised practical experience in written and oral appellate advocacy, in which student teams write and rewrite appellate briefs and present arguments in mock appellate cases. The successful completion of the Fall semester of Lawyering Process is a prerequisite to taking Moot Court, unless the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, in consultation with the Director of the Moot Court Program, waives this requirement.