LAW7475 - Problem Solving Methodology

LAW7475 - Problem Solving Methodology

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1.00/4.00 (min/max)



This course jump starts bar exam preparation by providing a skill-focused contextualized review of some of the most highly tested topics across select MBE subjects. Students will gain proficiency working through MBE and bar exam essay problems to ingrain problem-solving skills that are applicable on the bar exam as well as in law practice. Students also receive in-depth skill instruction on additional strategies to sharpen reading comprehension, critical thinking, legal reasoning, analysis, rule mastery, issue identification, and distractor recognition as well as other skills. The course may be configured to include instruction on the Multistate Performance Test (MPT)/Performance Test (PT) to further develop students problem-solving skills. By the conclusion of the course, students will have gained a strong conceptual understanding and in-depth knowledge of the substantive law reviewed in the course and will also be adept at developing and applying a strong, yet flexible, analytical framework to solve bar exam problems with an ever-increasing level of sophistication.