LAW7361 - Semester in New York City Field Placement Seminar

LAW7361 - Semester in New York City Field Placement Seminar

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This seminar is taught in New York City and is required for (and open only to) students enrolled in a field placement at a New York City-based legal practice as part of the Semester in NYC Program. The seminar will explore practical, ethical, and professional-role issues that students are likely to encounter in their field placement. Through assigned readings, class discussions and guided reflection, students will learn how to integrate themselves into a New York City legal practice; to perform lawyering tasks and learn from supervision and feedback; to detect, diagnose and effectively respond to challenges; to form and nurture rewarding professional relationships; and to derive the optimal educational benefit from their field placement. Students will be required to establish and pursue learning goals, to reflect critically on their field placement experience, and to systematically evaluate its effectiveness in developing their substantive knowledge, practice skills, and professional identity. The seminar will also guide students to use their field placement experience to maximize opportunities for subsequent employment placement and career advancement in New York City and elsewhere. In order to participate in this seminar, students must simultaneously enroll in a New York City-based field placement of nine (9) credits, requiring 36 hours of field work per week. The seminar instructor will serve as the faculty advisor for the student's field placement. This course must be taken concurrently with Legal Profession and Semester in NYC Field Placement.