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Clerkship Clinics

Externship Clinics combine classroom instruction with field work. UConn Law offers three clerkship clinic opportunities:

Administrative Clerkship

This externship clinic involves training and practice experience in the administrative process. Each student is assigned to work in a designated administrative agency and students meet regularly to address various topics and problems in administrative law and procedure. Students who would like to participate in the course must submit a brief description of their background and interests and a designation of the type of administrative agency (e.g., grant-making, regulatory) or type of administrative matter (e.g., policy-making, adjudication) to which they wish to be assigned.

Judicial Clerkship

This externship clinic offers experience in the judicial process as part-time law clerks for trial judges of a state or federal court. Each student serves with his/her judge for a semester, rendering assistance to the judge, including research and the drafting of decisional memoranda and opinions, and participating in all aspects of the judge's work.

Legislative Clerkship

This externship clinic provides training and practical experience in the legislative process. Each student is assigned either to an individual legislator, a legislative committee, or to a member of the legislative staff of the Connecticut General Assembly in accordance with the student's interest or preference.