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Certificate Programs

The University of Connecticut Law School allows students to participate in certificate programs which allow them to tailor their experience to focus on specific aspects of the law. If they choose, JD students have the ability to earn a certificate of specialization in one of five areas: Intellectual Property, Tax Studies, Law and Public Policy, Energy and Environmental Law, and Human Rights. LLM students studying US law are also afforded the opportunity to choose an optional certificate of specialization in International Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Tax Law or Financial Services Regulation.

Certificate Programs
  • Intellectual Property
    • This program allows students to focus on the growing and changing field of information economy and Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Tax Studies
    • Students in the Tax studies certificate program participate in clinics, externships and supervised writing projects regarding tax law during their studies.
  • Law and Public Policy
    • Students design their own curriculum with the help of a faculty advisor in this program.
  • Human Rights Certificate
    • Participants in this program will work closely with the UConn Human Rights Institute and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in this interdisciplinary field.
  • Energy and Environmental Law Certificate
    • Through the certificate program, students develop substantive knowledge in energy and environmental law while creating an individualized curriculum of energy and environmental course work.
  • Financial Services Regulation Certificate
    • This certificate program enables U.S. Legal Studies students to combine their study in financial services regulation within the flexible curriculum of the LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies program.
  • Foundational Certificates in U.S. Law
    • Students in the U.S. Legal Studies LL.M. program who seek a grounding in the foundational courses of U.S. law may choose among four concentrations: the Foundations of U.S. Law, U.S. Civil and Criminal Justice, Business Law and Regulation, and U.S. Law of Property Transfer.