UConn Law Welcomes Three Fulbright Scholars

UConn Law Welcomes Three Fulbright Scholars
September 9, 2020

The UConn School of Law will welcome three Fulbright scholars to study for LLM degrees in the 2020-2021 academic year. 

The scholars are Salome Chapeyama from Malawi, who will pursue an Insurance LLM, and Purmah Raamandarsingh from Mauritius and Ion Guzun from Moldava, who will each pursue a Human Rights and Social Justice LLM. A fourth Fulbright scholar, Anastasiia Besaryonivna Medianyk from Ukraine, was accepted to the U.S. Legal Studies LLM program but deferred enrollment until Fall 2021. 

Carriana Field, director of graduate and exchange programs, said she is thrilled at the number of Fulbright scholars, a milestone that is the culmination of years of outreach. 

“We are fortunate to have a growing number of Fulbright scholars each year, with three this semester,”  Field said. “This is due in large part to our advanced curriculums, our dedicated faculty supporting unique research needs and the efforts of Yan Hong, director of admissions, working with these students and Fulbright placement advisors  to build relationships.”  

All three scholars said they are excited to begin their studies at UConn Law, although they are all remaining in their home countries and will take classes remotely. 

“What positively struck me about UConn Law is that it recognizes the individual needs of each student insofar as the program is designed in such a way as to enable law students to choose their own career path,” Raamandarsingh said. “The focus is not only on academia but on how knowledge studied in the classroom has its application in practice.” 

The Fulbright program is one of the most prestigious international exchange programs in the world. It works with universities, schools, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and the private sector to identify promising individuals who represent the diversity of their societies. Nominees are selected through open, merit-based competitions. 

Chapeyama said she is sad to be missing out on the American culture, and is adjusting slowly to everything being on her computer, but said she is excited to learn more at an institution near so much insurance activity.  

“I thought ‘what better place to study Insurance Law than a university that offers one of the best LLM insurance programs and is situated in the insurance capital itself?’” Chapeyama said. “I would like to use my knowledge and upcoming research in insurance to make a positive impact in the insurance sector.”