UConn Law Students Recognized with 2020 Awards

UConn Law Students Recognized with 2020 Awards
May 17, 2020
Hartford, CT

The faculty of UConn School of Law has recognized the many and varied achievements of 36 students and one alumna with an array of prizes and awards.

The recipients, announced at the end of the academic year, are honored for their academic and extracurricular accomplishments, which may include grades, class participation, clinical work, leadership and community involvement. Many awards provide a financial component while others offer books, certificates, memberships and other gifts.

The 2020 awards and recipients are:

The American Bar Association Section of Urban, State and Local Government Award
 ● Daniel Chapple '20
 ● Caragh E. McMaster '20
Awarded to two graduating students who have excelled in the study of the law of land use and local government.

American Law Institute Continuing Legal Education Scholarship and Leadership Award
 ● Alexandria Madjeric '20
Presented to the graduating law student who best represents a combination of scholarship and leadership, the qualities embodied by the American Law Institute.

The Honorable Herbert Barall Family Law Award
 ● Hannah Kalichman ‘20
Established by friends and family of Judge Herbert Barall and awarded to a graduating law student who has excelled in the study of family law and has shown a commitment to family law.

The Honorable M. Joseph Blumenfeld Award
 ● Jessica David '20
Established by friends of U.S. District Judge M. Joseph Blumenfeld and awarded to a student who has rendered outstanding service to clients in a clinic program.

The L. Steward Bohan Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company Foundation (CATIC) Award in Real Property 
 ● Hannah Garfinkel '20
 ● Lauren Graham '21
Awarded to a second-, third- or fourth-year law student for outstanding work in real property law.

The Elihu Burritt Award
 ● Hannah Kang '20
Given to a student with the highest academic average in the semester abroad program.

The Clark-Janis International Award
 ● Lioba Korber '20
Established by Professor Mark Janis and his wife, Janet Janis, in honor of their parents, Martha and Allan Carl and June and Henry Janis, and given to an international student for superior academic achievement.

The Clinical Legal Education Association Certificate of Recognition
 ● Hannah Kalichman '20
Awarded to a student for outstanding performance in a clinical program.

The Connecticut Bar Association Labor and Employment Award
 ● William Bosworth '20
 ● Lindsey Viscomi '20 
Presented for outstanding achievement in the study of labor and employment law.

The Connecticut Bar Association Real Property Section Award
● Libby Reinish '20
Given to the student who has contributed substantially to the development of a sound body of law in the field of real property.

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities Award 
 ● Louanne Cooley '20
Given to a student who, in the judgment of the faculty, has written the best paper addressing a problem in municipal law or another aspect of municipal government, or has completed an internship or service project in municipal government in Connecticut and demonstrates the greatest contribution to excellence in local government.

The Maxwell Friedman Award
● Jeremy Weyman '20
Presented to a student for outstanding achievement in commercial subjects.

The Thomas F. Gallivan, Jr. Memorial Award
 ● Demery Ormrod '21
Presented by the Law School Alumni Association for outstanding scholastic achievement in property law in honor of the late Thomas F. Gallivan, a lecturer at the Law School.

The Insurance Law Center JD Award
 ● Brittany McEwan '20
Presented to a graduating student who has excelled in the study of insurance law or rendered outstanding service to the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal or to the Insurance Law Society.

The Insurance Law Center LLM Award
 ● Gordon Woodward '20
Given to the student receiving a Masters of Laws (LLM) in Insurance Law who best exemplifies the Law School’s commitment to scholarship in insurance law and service to the community.

Olimpiad Ioffe Award
 ● Tiffany Figueiredo '20
Established by friends of Professor Olimpiad Ioffe to recognize a graduating student who has excelled in the study of comparative law or Eastern European law.

Fleming James Jr. Award
 ● Kevin Sweeney '20
Established in honor of the late Professor Fleming James, Jr. to recognize an upper-level student who has excelled in the study of labor law.

Kathryn Mikolinski ’17 Memorial Award for Criminal Law
● Corinne Burlingham '20
Awarded in memory of Kathryn Mikolinski ’17 to a graduating student who demonstrates excellence in the study or practice of criminal defense law or who best exemplifies dedication to the protecting the rights of criminal defendants.

National Association of Women Lawyers
● Camden Weber '20
Awarded to a law graduate who demonstrates academic achievement, motivation, tenacity and drive, and shows promise to contribute to the advancement of women in society.

The Distinguished Alumni Professor Kent Newmyer Award in American Legal History
 ● David Ware '20
Established in honor of Kent Newmyer to recognize a second-year, third-year, LLM or SJD student who demonstrates excellence in the study of American legal history.

Joseph F. Noonan Memorial Award
 ● Lea Nesselhauf '20
Established in memory of Joseph F. Noonan ʼ48 to recognize a student who combines outstanding legal scholarship with a commitment to public service.

Morris Pomp Tax Award
 ● Ally Jordan '20
Established by Professor Richard Pomp in honor of his father, Morris Pomp, and awarded to the student in the tax certificate program with the highest grade point average in tax coursework.

The Judge Robert Satter Award
 ● Alundai J. Benjamin '20 
Awarded in memory of Judge Robert Satter for contributions through a student’s efforts or written work to the advancement or preservation of civil liberties in America.

George and Lorraine Schatzki Award
● Maryam Bitar '20
Awarded by fellow graduates Aaron and Sandra Gersten in honor of Dean George Schatzki to a student for outstanding service to the school.

Thomas J. Staley Award
 ● DJ Anderson '21
Awarded in honor of Thomas J. Staley to a student for distinction in the study of labor law.

William F. Starr Fellowship Award 
 ● Jessica Murphy '19
Established in honor of the late Professor William F. Starr to recognize the student in the previous year’s graduating class with the highest grade point average.

William F. Starr First Year Award 
 ● Lauren Straight '21
 ● Olivia Benson ’22
Established in honor of the late Professor William F. Starr to recognize the first-year students who achieved the highest grade point averages in the day and evening divisions.

Edward L. Stephenson Memorial Award
 ● Carolyn Rennie '20
Established in honor of the late Professor Edward L. Stephenson and awarded to a student for outstanding scholastic achievement in civil procedure.

Terry J. Tondro Award
 ● Chris Gelino '21
Awarded in honor of the late Professor Terry J. Tondro to a student for excellence in the study of land use, historic preservation, affordable housing or urban revitalization.

UConn School of Law Award for Exceptional Achievement in Scholarship
Adam Kuegler '20
 ● Jessica Zaccagnino '20
Awarded to two graduating students for exceptional achievement in scholarship.

UConn School of Law Award for Outstanding Service to the Law School
Glenn Holmes '20
Awarded to a graduating student for outstanding service to the Law School community.

UConn School of Law International Award
 ● Yi Xie ’20 
Awarded to an international student receiving a Masters of Laws (LLM) in U.S. Legal Studies for a commitment to distinguished scholarship in international studies and service to the community.

UConn School of Law Pro Bono Award
● Hannah Kang '20
Presented to a third-year student who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to pro bono work that benefits persons of limited means.

Cornelius W. Wickersham Jr. Award
● Carolyn Rennie '20
Given by the Federal Bar Council in honor of Cornelius W. Wickersham, Jr. for excellence in the study of constitutional law.

The 2020 awards were coordinated by a committee working at the request of Dean Timothy Fisher in consultation with faculty members in each subject area. The committee members were Professor Susan Schmeiser, chair, and Professors Robert Birmingham and Angel Oquendo.