Tax Institute Brings Training to UConn Law

IPT seminar at UConn Law
Tax Institute Brings Training to UConn Law
July 18, 2019
Hartford, CT

The Institute for Professionals in Taxation brought an intensive training program in state and local income, property, and sales and use tax to UConn School of Law for the first time, starting July 15, 2019. The five-day program offered tax professionals a chance to study with leading academic, legal and practice experts, including Richard Pomp, the Alva P. Loiselle Professor of Law at UConn Law.

The students, institute leaders and instructors appreciated the academic atmosphere, the beautiful grounds and the cooperation of the UConn Law community for the duration of the State Income Tax Schools I & II, said Charles Lane O’Connor, the institute's assistant executive director. "It couldn't have gone any better than it did," he said. "We were all very pleased to be here."

The course of study is designed for tax professionals at different stages of their careers. State Income Tax School I is suited for those new to the field and features an examination of fundamental concepts. State Income Tax School II covers complex topics appropriate for advanced state income tax practitioners.

Pomp led the effort to create the new program in conjunction with the Institute for Professionals in Taxation and taught the courses in conjunction with UConn School of Business faculty and IPT educators.

UConn Law is pleased to be the new summer home for the income tax schools, he said. “This is a tremendous coup for the Law School. There were others competing for the group. This kind of exposure helps spread the reputation of the school across the country, increases job opportunities for our students, and establishes us as serious players. Someone from the business school also taught, which further cements our relationship with them. In short, a win-win for all involved.”

The Institute for Professionals in Taxation, founded in 1976, is a nonprofit professional association serving more than 5,000 members representing approximately 1,200 corporations, firms and taxpayers throughout the United States and Canada.